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Free Technical Analysis Charting Software
It is important for you as a trader to have charting software that gives you live forex charts and live stock charts for your technical analysis.

Analyzing forex and stock charts is a problematic task for every investor if he/she does not have great charting software.

You should be able to plot your favorite technical indicators such as closing price, trading volume, Bollinger bands and moving averages, appropriate for technical analysis to help identify market trends and reversals.

This free charting software has great forex charts and stock charts will serve as a great resource for traders that want a compliment to their current charting software as well as new traders learning technical analysis and charting.
Free Technical Analysis Charting Software
TradingView has clean free charting software you can modify to your own personal liking. You can choose background color, size and much more. These charts are community driven, so you can see other traders posted charts, share your analysis and much, much more.

I like TradingView because they are the best free charting software for technical analysis that give you some great scanning tools so you can find the best securities to trade at the moment. 

You can also set alerts, a great way to remind you on securities starting to move or remind you of possible setups.
Free Technical Analysis Charting Software
Best Free Technical Analysis Charting Software
Free Live Technical Analysis Charting Software
TradingView offers low pricing for those who want to access advanced features. Current price for the most popular PRO package is $9.95 /month.
  •  Possibility to subscribe to the official real-time data
  •  Multiple charts layout
  •  Custom intervals
  •  Multiple watch lists
  •  Import/Export watch lists
  •  A dedicated backup feed
  •  Unlimited saved charts
  •  Unlimited number of indicators on a chart
  •  Hotlists
  •  PRO badge & adding value
  •  No sponsored ad
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Copyright © Trading Walk. All Rights Reserved.