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Reviews and Testimonials
What Our Students Say
Students are happy and have real results.
"I started back testing your indicator and rules and WOW I'm impressed"
Roberto D
"Beautiful trades this morning using Johan's Trend Pulse Pro V2 signal and strategy. I had 4 winners out of 5 trades over the space of 3 hours trading the UK open"
James H
"I have won my last 5 trades using the Trend Pulse Pro!"
Larry J
"Thanks. I just tried FX Master Code with IQ Option and it is really working nicely. I had 9 ITM out of 9 trades. God bless you."

Dan J
"First of all, I wanna thank you for your Trend Pulse Pro. Man, it's working very well. Just bought it last week, but let me tell you my account is on fire, my trades are only blue. Thank you for all."
Hucko S
"Thanks! It works, already seeing profits!"
Bill A
"Thanks Johan, it all make sense now, I've been doing heavy studying and so far no losses using FX Master Code and Trend Pulse Pro, incredible systems for binary options, you should charge people more for this."
Charlie W
"I can say with all sincerity, Trend Pulse Pro is very good."
Richard V
"Trend Pulse Pro is amazing! I love the risk to reward ratio and I finally have a solid trading plan and I don’t have to rely on anyone! This is the best system around, I can scalp and swing trade with an extremely high winning percentage!"
Jermayne B
"Thank you Johan, you always stick to your word. Already been over the free training like 3 times and the psychology books you linked were definitely a nice gift, going to get into them as I implement the 30 mins to one hour trading a day. The fact that you mentioned that limit orders are better than market orders really helps cause I’ve definitely been chasing price with market orders. I’m excited to grow into this new approach. God bless you, the best mentor ever!"
Victor S
"Thank you for Trend Plus Pro. I thank God that I got to use it first before anything else in trading, as a trading tool it truly has unbeatable trading signals."
Kat S
"I have used the Trend Pulse Pro 3 days now and it's showing me good results. I win more trades than I lose following the signals."
George Z
"I have the Trend Pulse Pro and have been using it trading indices and I must say it is very accurate on the one minute chart. If you are on the fence the Trend Pulse Pro is a great tool and works on all timeframes. I only trade signals with the defined trend. I use moving averages in addition to the Trend Pulse Pro and it works great. You will win a lot of trades if you do that."
Richard J
"I just want to say um grateful that I started my trading journey with your system and I read all the 25 trading hacks which puts me in the right state of mind to be realistic and not expect to be a millionaire overnight."
Gabriel R
"Trend Pulse Pro has been delivering some extraordinary signals!! Super crazy stuff will recommend it to friends! Gold fed me well yesterday."
Javier M
"I want to thanks you for your training program and your strategies. I worked out a trading plan and rules for me on your program and sheets you provide in your program, and only using the Trend Mastery and Trend Pulse Pro strategies. For March so far I am up by 7.94%. It's the best I done. I feel much more comfortable in my analysis and how I I place my trades. Thanks again, I have learn so much in your program and is still learning, I am reading the material over and over, every time I see something more."
Ben K
"All the content, education and tools from the program are so helpful. I'm really enjoying everything you put out."
Morten J
"This week has been this best trading week I have had for years, $1,035 closed profit. Thank you!"
Damian F
"I’ve been using your Trend Pulse Pro for a few weeks and I must say I'm pretty impressed. I’ve been trading independently for a while and I use your indicator for extra confirmation with my analysis, thank you very much for this indicator!"
Bradley L
"This is the only indicator of all my years of trading that works!"
Bob E
"I'm blown away with some of your techniques. It just make too much sense! They have low risk and high reward which is amazing!"
Marco P
"Hi! Thank for Trend Pulse Pro, it's very good haven't lost a trade so far and it has been wonderful. Keep up the good work."
Zibu M
"Hello Johan! Having you as a mentor has by far improve my trading!!"
Mario P
"I truly love this program! Full time trader because of this program."
Jermayne B
"I had my first successful trade today. Risk/Reward Ratio 11."
Cihan D
"What you've shown me has helped me win in 5 min binary trades. I incorporated some of what you did and used signal charts and was able to win $140 last night in 15 mins. Thanks for the tips that really helped me."
Mia N
"Thank you for the well put together system Trend Pulse Pro. A system that can help and give people opportunity to help create a financial freedom, or should I say another source of income. And also the book Candlestick Profits was really helpful and help me to get a better understanding for the candlestick and how to help better my profits. Thank you for helping others. God bless you."
Anthony A
"Thank you so much Johan, you Trend Pulse Pro is amazing man! I really appreciate your efforts, feeling glad to join Trading Walk community."
Utsav C
"Thanks Johan Nordstrom, the 1-1 training sessions helped a lot and was just what I needed!"
Robin N
"I have tested a lot of indicators. This one is very unique and well engineered. With USD pairs it's the only indicator you need.
Desman R
 "I've managed to make $100 profit so far (first day) and the system is working great."
Msizi K
"Pulled the trigger with my eyes closed, hoping that your signal will not fail me. Well, I'm happy to announce to you that I just made $59.50, before the exchange fees. Wow! What a powerful signal! That's the most money I've ever made on one trade since I started trading seriously with Nadex 3 years ago and I held on to my trade, just as you suggested, till expiry. Best one I've used ..... EVER! I hope I will have many more winning trades like this. Thank you, Johan. I feel much better after winning my first trade using your signal. I will definitely sleep good tonight!"
Ariel F
"Johan, your Trend Pulse Pro system is excellent!!"
Sam P
"Thank you for everything. It works and this is the best investment I could ever made. Great work! It works!"
Dewald D
"Hello, I recently bought Trend Pulse Pro. I'm very pleased with it and I want to congratulate you for everything do for new traders."
Noel D
"Thank you Johan! I've had 1 lost and 17 wins from 12pm-5pm while using the FX Master Code system with great price actions. Thanks!!"
Miranda W
"Trend Pulse Pro is by far the best indicator I have worked with!"
Jacob G
"Trend Pulse Pro is amazing. I'm really happy to have it."
Kevin C
"Tried this and love it already after one day. Definitely paid for itself in less than one day already."
Matt B
"Wow! Just started using the FX Master Code on my Nadex account. Already up over $100 in an hour! That is amazing. Not 100% accurate, but nothing is, but this gives amazingly accurate signals. Thank you so much."
Corey M
"Hey, I purchased your indicator 2 weeks ago and so far so good over almost over 3% growth so far since I bought. Thank you!"
Dwayne H
"Trend Pulse Pro is amazing I can't say anything negative."
Ephriam Z
"I've been using your strategies and it's been working extremely well. I don't trust everything I come across on the internet but from what I've experienced, your advice works!
Jacque S
"Just joined and already love your FX Master Code"
Dwayne H
"It's been 24 hrs. I've made my first $900 with the Trend Pulse Pro system!"
Thomas W
"Thank you so much the Fibonacci strategy is really helping me. I can rely on it when entering the market."
Kim B
"I have today spent a few hours with Trend Plus Pro in simulator mode on MT4 and I have been blown away by this! I was trading zone breakout on 1:1 ratio, now I’ll trade Trend Plus Pro on 1:3 ratio. My personal thanks goes out to you!"
Shahed Y
"I am really killing the market right now and Trading Walk helped me learn about the charts and candlesticks. I hope it keeps on going well like that, regular 6-12% weekly."
Oliver S
"Today I made £50 on one of the trade I opened this morning. So I am happy with it, thanks to you Johan. I will be trading it this coming week I will definitely tell you the outcome. Trend plus pro is fantastic! Thank you."
Osman B
"Third day using it and I'm loving it!"
Emille E
Thank you for Trend Pulse Pro, the signals really work.
Magnus S
"The way it analyses trends is remarkable!"
Daniel K
"Thank you Johan! This tool is amazing!"
Adam K
Thank you Trading Walk for Candlestick Profits, it was very useful, helped me a lot seeing thing from different sides! Thanks a lot!"
Kenny A
"Yes! Guys, I just made $759... This thing really work. I'm so happy and thankful to Johan for Trend Pulse Pro. I now know how it feels to make money from trading."
Dustin G
"Thank you so much for all of your replies to my emails. It’s almost 3am here an I keep going over your course. It has given me a lot of confidence into starting a career in day trading. I couldn’t thank you enough."
Richard P
"Your strategy really works , I made $100 from $5 deposit! Thank you!"
Thank you Trading Walk for inventing Trend Pulse Pro it works great! I have used it 7 days and I'm really happy with my results!"
Travis M
"This video training have helped me learn how to get started and profit from day one."
Amanda P
"Many thanks for the candlestick profits book, I love it."
Kevin N
"Made my first 2 trades totaling $931 in less then 12 hours, I'm so happy now, Trend Pulse Pro works!! Thanks Trading Walk."
Steven C
"I made $468 my first day of trading using the strategies I learned in this video training"
Adam N
"The free strategy guide is of the chains, I’m doing better than ever!"
Elias M
"I think Candlestick Profits is awesome. These patterns and strategies actually work."
Brian B
Thank you so much Johan Nordstrom, I got the book it's really amazing. Simple and straightforward!"
Ken M
"I love how simple, yet effective it is. The explanation is very good and clear! The guide is very nice and simple and I love that. Cause most guides and strategies tend to be very hyped up and with a lot of misleading material, but this is straight to the point."
David L
"Hey Johan! Just wanted to thank you for your free strategy guide. I found it very useful."
Elliot B
"Candlestick Profits has helped me a lot, I'm doing so much better than before! Thank you so much!"
Anton W
"Well written and seriously compounded book on the building blocks on how to become successful. Every trader’s fear is to lose confidence, this book reminded me of the important keys to success in trading. The book offer a range of tips where I could choose the ones that fit my needs! It's also straight to the point and easygoing, love it!"
Joakim N
"Very good strategy guide, it has helped me tremendously."
Rich W
"I like how it stressed the importance of developing a trading plan, as well as the detailed strategy. The risk management section also offered insight."
Cameron W
"Hello Johan, Just wanted to let you know that your Candlestick Profits book is 100% amazing. Very easy reading with so much meaningful information. I have learned so much more in the last days than I have learned in a year studying so much other stuff on the same subject matter, so to speak. It's very practical they way you presented it. I am now back testing the three strategies and so far everything is as you said. I am gaining so much confidence understanding the power of the candlesticks and the charts. I will continue to re read and study the book until it becomes a part of me."
Rober A
"Have read your book and must say that it is amazing! So simple and precise explained. I have followed you on both Twitter and Instagram for a while. I read the content on the website regularly and love the articles, please keep it up!"
Jonas P
"This is exactly the type of course that I've been looking for. There's no complicated BS."
Dave B
"Thanks for Candlestick Profits, I made my first 1K today."
Robin F
"Hello Johan! Loved your strategy guide, got some much-needed information thanks!"
Marcus L
"Thanks! It’s great!"
Conrado C
"You are selling your book far below what it is worth. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!"
Valid S
"Great knowledge and awesome trading strategy."
Adam L
"It is the best strategy I have ever read. Thank you!"
Sam M
"Great content, I enjoyed reading it. It's very well written and useful. I am sure all traders will find it very useful."
Lewis G
"I definitely have my copy of this guide. I try to read it at least every other day when I know I plan on making trades those days."
Demitrious M
"I read your strategy guide and now implementing your strategy. I now have one trade going, and at this point giving me huge profits. I like the simplicity of it."
Peter B
"Many thanks for the strategy. I love it."
Norman C
"It is very good. Put together professionally."
Steve T
"I have been using your strategy for a month and during this time I grew a $30 account to $450!"
Steve T
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