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Trading Tools & Courses
10X Trading System
The 10X Trading System will help you find and trade tops and bottoms following signals based on price action, trend, and level strategies with high accuracy. 10X signals work on all markets and time frames.
Pro Trader Program
Pro Trader Program gives you the plan, strategies, techniques, and rules you need to become a consistently profitable trader. We have turned the guesswork of trading into a proven step by step process.
Get training personalized to your needs and become a better trader faster by learning one on one with Johan Nordstrom. Learn trading strategies that suit you, trade live, and get your questions answered.
Free Trading Strategy Guide PDF
The free guide (free pdf download) on the step by step strategy to profit from trading. One reader said, "I have been using your strategy for a month and during this time I grew a $30 account to $450".
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