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One On One Mentorship
Forex Mentor sessions one on one 1-1
forex mentor
Johan Nordstrom
Founder of Trading Walk
Mentorship Personalized To Your Needs
The Trading Walk one on one mentorship is a personalized forex trading education program that will enable you to learn and trade live with Johan Nordstrom. 

Each mentorship session is customized to match your needs and abilities.

Your Mentor:

Johan is a full-time trader who make his living trading the forex market. The education you will receive is based upon strategies and techniques Johan uses on a daily basis.

Here's What You Get:

This is designed for anyone who is serious about trading. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an experienced trader. 
  • ​Custom designed sessions tailored to your learning needs. You will get to study at your own pace and focus on the areas that need the most attention. This is not a high volume, mass prepared course. Every session is designed based on your current level of knowledge, experience, and interest.
  • ​Sessions are conducted one on one via Skype and can be accessed on any computer or phone with an Internet connection.
  • ​Bonus materials. Essential tools for you to become a successful and consistently profitable trader.
  • ​After each session, you will be given assignments as well as follow-up questions to make certain you understand the information being presented. If you have a particular need or weakness, we’ll help you develop your skills in the areas that you wish to improve upon.
  • ​Email support after the sessions. Continued support if you have further questions.
What Students Say:
I had my first successful trade today. Risk/Reward Ratio 11.
Hello Johan! Having you as a mentor has by far improve my trading!!
This week has been this best trading week I have had for years, $1,035 closed profit. Thank you!
Thanks Johan Nordstrom, the 1-1 training sessions helped a lot and was just what I needed!
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