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1 on 1 Mentorship
Personalized To Your Needs
The Trading Walk 1 on 1 mentorship is a personalized trading education program that will enable you to and questions and get help with everything you need to take your trading to the next level. 

Each mentorship session is customized to match your needs and abilities. This is not a high volume, mass prepared training. Before the training starts we will make sure we know as much as possible about you and your personality so we can build a mentorship with strategies that fit your personality and preferred trading style.
Your Mentor
Johan Nordstrom is a full-time trader who make his living trading the markets. The education you will receive is based upon strategies and techniques he use on a daily basis.
Here's What You Get
This is designed for anyone who is serious about trading. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an experienced trader. 
  • ​Personalized sessions tailored to your learning needs. This is not a high volume, mass prepared training. We tailor the mentorship based on your current level of knowledge, experience, and interest. In one day or 8 one hour sessions separately we cover everything you need to become a profitable trader.
  • ​​Sessions are conducted one on one via Skype and can be accessed on any computer or phone with an Internet connection. You also get a recording of the session you can download and rewatch as many times as you want.
  • ​​You get access to our members area including templates, training and essential tools for you continue learning and growing as a trader after the mentorship.
  • ​​If you have a particular need or areas you want to learn more about. We’ll help you develop your skills in the areas that you wish to improve upon.
  • ​​​Priority email support after the sessions if you have further questions.
What Members Say
"Thanks Johan Nordstrom, the 1-1 training sessions helped a lot and was just what I needed!"
 Verified Member
"I had my first successful trade today. Risk/Reward Ratio 11."
 Verified Member
"This week has been this best trading week I have had for years, $1,035 closed profit. Thank you!"
 Verified Member
"Hello Johan! Having you as a mentor has by far improve my trading!!"
 Verified Member
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Johan Nordstrom
Founder of Trading Walk
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