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How To Find And Trade
Tops And Bottoms
Following Accurate Reversal Signals
  • Work on all markets and time frames
  • ​Mobile, tablet, and laptop compatible
  • ​Signals generated during candle forming
  • Signals confirmed at candle close
  • ​Non-repaint and non-lagging signals
10X Trading System
The New 10X Trading System
10X Trading System TradingView buy sell indicator
TradingView Android iOS
10X Trading System is a TradingView buy and sell signal system based on price action, trends, and levels. It comes with access to our members' area with step by step strategy training, bonuses, and guides to get started.

10X is for both beginners and experienced traders who want reliable signals for any market (forex, stocks, gold, indices, etc.). Signals are non-repaint and help you accurately find and trade tops and bottoms on any time frame.

Because 10X, TradingView, and Trading Walk members area are cloud-based, you get access the moment you enroll. No complex downloads or installations. We have video tutorials on everything you need to get started. 

You watch the training videos, follow the signals and provided strategies, and get results. Ask any question and our team will help you.
Supply Demand Reversal Strategy
What We Cover In This Video:
  • 0:40 - How to find valid demand and supply levels
  • 1:50 - The best entry, stop loss, and take profit
  • 4:33 - The big advantages of trading this strategy
Simple Top Bottom Strategy
What We Cover In This Video:
  • 0:24 - The way to find major tops and bottoms
  • 2:18 - Trailing stop loss rule to make +10 RRR
  • 7:30 - How to use trend lines (not what you think)
1-Minute Trading Strategy
What We Cover In This Video:
  • 0:22 - The most important rule in trading
  • 1:10 - When to trade buy (higher) and sell (lower)
  • 2:32 - Why most traders fail and how to avoid it
Support Resistance Reversal Strategy
What We Cover In This Video:
  • 0:59 - Accurate reversal trading strategy
  • 1:49 - How to identify trend reversal
  • 2:55 - Day trading pullback trading strategy
10X Trading System
Was $149/mo, Now Only $97/mo
Or Pay Annually And Save 49%
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