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supply demand Reversal trading strategy
How do you trade reversals without getting stopped out all the time?

You follow a profitable reversal strategy.

For example this strategy, trading hidden supply and demand levels you find with 10X signals.
Demand Level Zone Trading
A demand level is where smart money like banks and institutions often place their buy orders.
Supply Level Zone Trading
A supply level is where smart money like big banks and institutions often place their sell orders:

These are the best entry points for low-risk trades with good risk-reward ratio for traders.

You identify these hidden supply and demand entry points with the 10X Trading System.

It's the green buy and red sell and signals you see on these charts. These signals are based on price action, trend, and level strategies to give you accurate buy and sell signals.

They are often generated at tops and bottoms but can also be generated inside trend pullbacks.

So why do you want to find these entry points and trade this strategy?

It's because you often see strong price moves when price bounce on supply and demand. 

That will give you good risk-reward ratio trades, which is key for an effective and profitable strategy.

The size of the orders from big banks and institutions creates big buying and selling pressure.
intraday supply and demand trading
A good idea is to look at these levels as zones and not exact price points, because trading is rarely perfect. You don't always see price bounce on a supply/demand or support/resistance level to the point. So it can be helpful to think of levels (supply/demand, Fibonacci, trendlines, supply/demand, horizontal support/resistance, etc.) as zones.
Best Time Frames?
The supply demand strategy works on all time frames. I recommend it on the 1-minute chart with 5 minute expiration if you are scalping or trade binary options, the 1-hour time frame if you day trade, and the daily time frame if you swing trade. 
higher risk reward ratio trading
How to trade the hidden supply demand trading strategy to find higher risk reward ratio trading.

Here's the chart 6 hours after this video:
supply entry level live trading strategy
Nice 5+ risk reward ratio profit on that sell signal.

After a few more hours, I had a 10X buy signals where the demand level held:
demand entry level live trading strategy
That buy signal gave me a 20+ risk reward ratio trade. You won't see trades like that every day, but this is how you can find them with the 10X Trading System.
What is 10X trading System?
The 10X Trading System is a non-lagging and non-repaint TradingView buy and sell signal indicator you can use to find and trade tops and bottoms. It uses price action, trends, and levels strategies to give you accurate entry signals. 10X runs on TradingView (free trading platform and mobile app) so you use TradingView for analysis and the 10X signals. You can take and manage trades on the broker platform of your choice.
How much is the 10X trading system?
You can get access to 10X Trading System for only $97/mo. It comes with instant access to our members' area with strategy video training, bonuses, and step by step instructions on how to set it up and get started. If it doesn’t fit your trading style you can always cancel your subscription and you will have access throughout the time you paid. No hard feelings and you can continue using the tips and training you learned in the members' area.
Supply and Demand Price Action
By doing a quick technical analysis of a signal candle (the candlestick with buy or sell signals).

You can determine the strength of the buyers and sellers.

For example:

If buyers are in control and show buying strength, the candlestick should close at the high of its range.

The middle point of (the 50% level of the candlestick body) will be a strong demand (support) level.

When you trade this strategy and enter with limit orders at the demand level you will miss some trades.


Because sometimes price does not retrace to the hidden demand (support) level:
supply and demand indicator
So should you use the supply demand entry or just enter at close of a 10X signal candle?

I prefer the good risk-reward ratio you get with the supply demand entry over quantity of trades.

I'm ok with missing some trades when trading the supply demand entry because I know with those I do take, I have a better risk reward ratio so I can be more aggressive with my risk and money management. 

If you prefer quantity, you can enter at the close of the candle when you have a 10X signal.
Supply Level Zone Trading
supply and demand trading rules
How To Find And Trade Hidden Demand Levels:

2. Strong bullish close (upper 1/4 of candlestick).
3. Place limit order at middle of candlestick body.
4. Place stop loss order below 10X signal symbol.
5. Take profit on trailing stop loss rule or minimum 1 RRR.

How To Find And Trade Hidden Supply Levels:

2. Strong bearish close (lower 1/4 of candlestick).
3. Place limit order at middle of candlestick body.
4. Place stop loss order above 10X signal symbol.
5. Take profit on trailing stop loss rule or minimum 1 RRR.
high probability Supply And demand Rules
I just want to share two additional rules you can use for higher win rate and risk-reward ratio.

1. Trade in direction of higher time frame trend.

2. Trade signals at higher time frame support resistance levels.

I trade 10X signals at most support and resistance levels.

But if you focus on taking signals in the direction of the EMA 50 trend rule or in the direction of higher time frame support and resistance, you can be more aggressive with your take profit targets.

My preferred time frames when trading the supply demand strategy are 1 min, 5 min, 1 hour, and daily. 

Most traders look at daily and 1 hour so levels on these time frames are very important. 

So if you trade these levels following 10X trading signals on lower time frames, for example 1 min and 5 min, you will get those 10+ risk reward ratio trades (why I named it 10X) when you get the hang of it.

Do You Want Accurate
Trend Reversal Signals?

tradingview supply and demand script
iphone android trend reversal trading signals
Johan Nordstrom Trading Walk
I'm a family guy in my early 30's who learned how to trade the markets in a simple yet effective way. During university, I studied investing and graduated with a master's degree in risk management. Quickly, I realized that I was onto something. I started helping friends and taking students. My students started getting results, spent less time in front of their screens, and their accounts grew consistently. Learn more about me here.
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