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How To Trade Accurate Forex Signals Explained
What We Cover In This Video
1. Simple strategy you can use to find tops.

2. Multi timeframe analysis to find the best entry signals.

3. How to use the Trend Pulse Pro trend line to get an early warning to trend change.

4. How to place entry, stop loss and take profit orders.

5. How to draw Fibonacci retracement to find strong support and resistance levels.
The Accurate Forex Strategy
In this step by step tutorial, I explain the USDJPY $2,475 profit I made from an accurate forex signal by Trend Pulse Pro on the one-hour chart using multiple time frame analysis. 

After a strong move up, I thought it looked like it was topping because of the bearish candlestick patten at the top. These patterns are especially powerful after we've had a long run up, and with the V-type move before the top I knew this was a good sell short setup if I got a sell signal.

To get a low risk trade with good risk reward ratio I switched to a lower time frame, all the way down the one minute chart and as you can see in the video. I then applied Trend Pulse Pro for MT4 that indicated that the trend was up (blue trend line below price) but I then got an indication that the trend was starting to turn (blue to red trend line).

I wouldn't take the buy trade at the left here because we had been in such a long uptrend. When we got the indication that the trend was starting to turn down (which confirmed my my thought about the the topping I saw in the one-hour time frame) and we got an accurate short sell signal.

We enter a sell limit and wait for price to come back to the open of the sell signal candle. The trade was executed at the white line, I placed my stop loss pretty tight because as you saw in the video in the in the one-hour chart, we're in a strong uptrend so there was no no guarantee that price would crash like it did.

This was a very low-risk trade with a very high reward, you can see in the video my take profit is way below my entry giving me a very positive risk reward ratio.

The way I placed my take profit was I looked at Fibonacci (on the one-hour time frame) from the recent low to the high. I manage my trade on my one-hour time frame because when I started to look at USDJPY, it was at the one hour time frame that I saw the the large tail to the upside, and since I saw this on the one-hour time frame, the one-hour time frame is the one I want to continuously look at.

If I would manage my trade from my one minute chart after I've entered, then I would most likely be scared out and close the trade too early. Now as you can see in the video, I had a Fibonacci retracement support level, the 50%, that's a very strong level, a good level to place stop loss.

Then, price did a small push down and a small retrace, so I drew a Fibonacci extension for that move. You often see moves with one push, a small retrace, and then another push down. This is something I talk about in my winning training strategy guide (based on the two push principle). The best Fibonacci extension levels are the 127.2 and the 161.8.

When I saw that I had both a fibonacci retracement support level 50% and an extension support level 127.2% key levels in forex trading I knew that this was going to be a very strong support area and the area I wanted to exit my trade. My take profit was hit and a nice $2,475 profit.

See how easy that was? Now since this level is so strong I will go long at the support level if I get a buy signal from Trend Pulse Pro. I hope this tutorial helps and you now understand the power of Trend Pulse Pro.
Resources Mentioned In Video
1. The Fibonacci Cheat Sheet - This free cheat sheet shows you how to trade Fibonacci retracement and extension levels, enter trades, take profit, and upgrade your trading. Download your free copy here.

2. Trend Pulse Pro for MT4 - This system we coded will give you daily trading signals you can use to get well ahead of the average trader, who's depending on “gut-feelings”, Trend Pulse Pro's accurate buy and sell signals help you get the highest probability of success. Claim your access here.
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