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Best Automated Technical Analysis Software
automated technical analysis
If you're a beginner trader, the automated technical analysis software TrendSpider can automate much of your technical analysis work, reduces your risk, and can help you see what you're missing on charts. 
aI chart analysis
TrendSpider is an AI-powered charting and technical analysis trading software designed to help you make smarter trading decisions. 

You can use one of the automated tools below to find, plan, and time your trades with greater accuracy and profitability. It's cloud-based, so you can access it from anywhere on any web browser.
Top Technical Analysis Tools
1. Automated Trendlines 
TrendSpider Platform Automated Support Resistance Supply Demand Levels
The automated trendlines help you find the best trendlines, and you can stop redrawing. 

You don't need to flip back and forth between different timeframes. 

You can let the AI chart analysis do the work for you. The automated trendlines tool is one I like a lot.
2. Automated Heatmap Supply Demand levels 
TrendSpider Platform Automated Support Resistance Supply Demand Levels
The technical analysis automated heatmap scanner lets you find strong supply and demand zones that act as resistance and support levels you can take trades on. 

In a downtrend, you can take sell trades when price pullback to a heatmap supply resistance level. 

In an uptrend, you can take buy trades when price pullback to a heatmap demand support level.
3. Automated Fibonacci Retracements
TrendSpider Platform Automated Fibonacci Retracements Levels
The automated Fibonacci lets you replace subjective manual analysis with automated analysis.

Fibonacci retracement levels are very good support and resistance levels you can trade.

You always get the best Fibonacci levels, which will help improve the quality of your trading decisions.
4. Candlestick Pattern Scanner
TrendSpider Platform Automated Fibonacci Retracements Levels
If you're a beginner and find it hard to analyze and spot candlestick patterns. 

The automated candlestick pattern recognition can help a lot. 

You can scan for the bullish engulfing, hammer, doji candlestick, etc.

You can activate all or specific candlestick patterns you want the software to find for you.
5. Trading Indicators
TrendSpider Platform Automated Fibonacci Retracements Levels
You can use indicators in confluence with the trendlines or heatmap to increase your accuracy. 

Add your favorite indicator SMAs, EMAs, VWAPs, Oscillators, RSI, Williams %R, MACD, etc.

TrendSpider has all the popular trading indicators you can think of to add confluence to your trading.
trendSpider tutorial
Honest trendSpider Review
TrendSpider is a very helpful live stocks and forex trading software for both day and swing traders because it can help you get consistency in your technical analysis, speed your analysis, and avoid costly analysis mistakes new traders make. 

It automates most of your technical analysis work, so you can focus on trading. 

In fact, TrendSpider is one of the most innovative technical analysis software on the market today.
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