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The Best Bitcoin Investment Strategy
If you're looking for how to invest in Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies and you want the best investment strategy to help you get a good start, keep on reading.

Investing in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies is becoming more and more mainstream but there's still many people asking what is Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?

If you had bought Bitcoins in 2012 you would have seen more than 6600% return or more.

Who wouldn’t want to reap these returns?

Now I know what you might be thinking.

"Am I too late?"

Short answer: it's just getting started, and it looks like it will be here to stay for a long time.

“How to invest in Bitcoin?”, "How to buy Bitcoin?" and "Where to buy Bitcoin" you think to yourself.

Here’s where you get your questions answered.
The truth of the matter is that Bitcoin is an extremely safe and reliable, software-based online payment system. To keep things simple, we can just look at it as a form of digital currency or Cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is not a payment system but it's actually like money. Digital money, to be exact. 

Just like real money, it can be exchanged for goods and services. To understand how Bitcoin works, you will need to understand the components that make Bitcoin what it is.

Firstly, it is digital. There is nothing to see or hold. It is not tangible like paper currency or coins. 

Secondly, it is peer-to-peer based. That means you are in total control. There are no banks, third parties or intermediaries to take a chunk of your Bitcoin as fees. You send your Bitcoin directly to the person you want it to go to. This is one factor that is seeing the rise in popularity of bitcoin.

Thirdly, Bitcoin is not controlled by any one bank or financial institution. It is decentralized and run by a group of people worldwide. We live in a day and age where people want more freedom and wish to break away from the shackles of the top 1%. Bitcoin is a symbol of that freedom.

Fourthly, pseudonyms are used with Bitcoin transactions ensuring ultimate privacy. This again makes this method of payment very popular with people who do not want others to know their financial transactions. The transactions are viewable but all you'll see are a bunch of numbers and alphabets that really make no sense.

Lastly, the movement of Bitcoin is protected by a top of the line cryptography that ensures the digital currency is secure and can't be abused by criminals. 

Despite all the positive points about Bitcoin, it is not all sunshine and rainbows. There are of course some negative aspects associated with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin still has some ways to go as far as becoming accepted like the traditional currency. Nevertheless, as trends indicate, it is on its way there and it's at the moment the top Cryptocurrency.
So, how to invest in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies? 

Basically you can follow this proven investment strategy.

This is the best Bitcoin investment strategy that’s produced millionaires like Gavin Andersen, Dave Carlson, and more.

This is also the method you can start using today.

1. Use a trusted exchange like Coinbase (which also puts limits on your account so you don’t spend all your money too fast).

2. Put in $300 a week – $100 into Bitcoin, $100 into Ethereum, and $100 into Litecoin.

3. The theory of dollar cost averaging is that you put in money every week and some weeks you’ll buy higher than you want to, and other weeks lower, but it averages out in the end.

There will be ups and downs, but certainly more ups than downs.
Now, where to buy Bitcoin?

If you’re interested in buying Bitcoin (or any other Cryptocurrency), go ahead and sign up for Coinbase, and you will get $10 of free Bitcoin BTC once you invest at least $100.

If you buy $100 worth, that’s a 10% return right off the bat. Not bad, right?

NOTE: You need to use the links on this page to sign up. If you sign up directly, you will miss out.

Johan Nordstrom, CEO of Trading Walk use Coinbase, the most popular cryptocurrency exchange for new users to buy their first Bitcoins and it's the most popular exchange for buying and selling Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. Out of all cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase is the best exchange hands down. It has a beginner-friendly user interface, and an unbeatable 100% crypto insurance. 
If read the two previous steps "how to invest in Bitcoin" and "where to buy Bitcoin" this "how to buy Bitcoin" should be a no brainer.

To buy Bitcoin on Coinbase:

1. Go to the ‘Buy/Sell Digital Currency’ page

2. Enter the desired amount

3. Select the card on the payment methods drop down menu

4. Confirm the order is correct and click “Complete Buy”

Done! Your digital currency will be delivered to your cryptocurrency wallet within a few minutes.

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Copyright © Trading Walk. All Rights Reserved.