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eURUSD analysis And Double Top Pattern Forecast
The key to profitable trading is found in structured analysis and taking good risk reward ratio trades.

If you can see both bullish and bearish traders view on the market you'll have much easier to adjust to whatever position that will give you best risk reward ratio and probability of a winning trade.

My methodology for this is simple:

1. I look at price action and structure (highs and lows) to find the trend. 

2. I draw Fibonacci retracement levels between highs and lows to find support and resistance levels.

3. I enter trades in direction of the trend at support/resistance when you get an entry signal.

You can take quick trades at tops and bottoms if my risk reward ratio is good. But I only take aggressive trades (big size) when all three steps align and my risk reward ratio is good. Because while there are several ways to make money in the markets over the long term there are many more ways to lose money quickly and easily.

My hope is that by sharing these tips, you can learn from my experience and avoid common mistakes.
What We Cover In This Video
1. The break of a bearish trend line.

2. Price action structure (higher highs and lows or lower highs and lows).

3. Important Fibonacci retracement and extension levels.

3. Long term swing trade view on EURUSD (forecast next weeks)

4. Take profit targets for sell short opportunity.

5. Short term swing trade view on EURUSD (forecast this week).

6. Take profit targets for buy long opportunity.

7. Finding and taking trades based on Risk Reward Ratio RRR.
Trade update
Price is now at the Fibonacci support zone between 38.2% and 50% Fibonacci. If you start seeing buy signals now on a lower time frame like H4, H1 or M15 using multiple time frame trading methodology.

Taking signals on a lower time frame and placing your stop loss on lower time, but you place take profit target at 127.2% as shown on daily you get a very high profitability and great risk reward ratio trade.
EURUSD Forecast and Analysis For Next Week
EURUSD daily chart by TradingView
Double Top Short Example
Nice sell short opportunities on lower time frames using Trend Pulse Pro V2 signals down to the low of double top pattern, the risk reward ratio is now better for buy trades so be ready to take buy signals.
EURUSD Double Top Chart Pattern Sell Signals
EURUSD daily chart by TradingView
Below you can see an entry example on Trend Pulse Pro sell signal on 15 minute chart.

Risk reward ratio: 3.5 

Stop loss above sell signal triangle.

Take profit at double top pattern low.
EURUSD Trend Pulse Pro Sell Signals
EURUSD 15 minute chart by TradingView
Resources Mentioned In Video
1. Free Fibonacci Cheat Sheet -- This free cheat sheet reveals my step by step method on how to trade Fibonacci retracement and extension levels to make consistent profits. Download your free copy here.

2. Trend Pulse Pro V2 -- This trading system will simplify your trading by giving you easy to follow rules and accurate trading signals to find the best trades and get ahead of the average trader. Get access here.
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Johan Nordstrom Trading Walk Professional Trader Risk Management
I'm a family guy in my early 30's who learned how to trade the markets in a simple yet effective way. During university I studied investing and graduated with a master's degree in risk management. Quickly, I realized that I was onto something. I started helping friends and taking students. My students started getting results, spent less time in front of their screens, and their accounts grew consistently. Learn more about me here.
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