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IQ Option Review
Top Binary Options Trading Broker Platform
Most Secure & Best Binary Trading Broker 2019

IQ Option Best Binary Options Trading Broker Platform
Top Binary Options Trading Binary Broker 2019
Top Binary Options Trading Broker Platform
Binary options meaning? 
Understanding binary options is very easy, which is why it is one of the first options found in the minds of those first-time or novice traders.

In binary options, the instrument that is traded is usually a high-low or fixed return option that immediately gives the trader access to commodities, currencies or stocks.

An important feature of these options is that they have a time and date of expiration in addition to a set price.  

Now that we know how binary options work, it is important to know that in order to start trading binary options you need a trusted broker and for that reason, we bring you a detailed review of a great forex broker for binary options trading.
IQ option best binary options trading platforms
IQ option review
Top Binary Options Trading Binary Broker 2019
Top Binary Options Trading Binary Broker 2019
Rating: 4.9 / 5
In this case, we will make a detailed description of IQ options; the best binary options broker 2019.

IQ option is an online trading platform which allows customers the ability to trade with a simple and secure online trading platform that allows customers to trade with a variety of financial instruments, especially Forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and of course, with binary options.

This broker was founded in 2013 and started being operated by IQ Option Ltd, immediately went on to become an online trading platform with very fast growth and is said to now have more than 20 million members.

This has become one of the most famous brokers and biggest representatives of the binary options industry.

Although binary options are not known as trusted bets, since their business model is plagued by a conflict of interest, IQ options have managed to earn that position of trust.

According to many IQ options reviews, it is known that it has always been known for its accessibility and its very attractive commercial conditions, and these are characteristics that have been maintained to this day. 
Headquarters & Regulation
It is headquartered in Cyprus and is now regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec) because IQ options comply with all the rules and legislation submitted by the Commission and therefore has the permission and authorization to sell its products to all its customers, regardless of their jurisdiction.

This broker presents a big difference, which is that instead of opting for a commercial platform that is provided by an external provider of online commerce solutions, it developed its own commercial platform, which is designed specifically and especially to satisfy all needs of its merchants.

The best example is the platform of your IQ Option, which is integrated with advanced graphics and a wide range of technical indicators preloaded. That is one of the main reasons why it is such a famous and reliable broker in the binary options trading world
Services to trade in IQ option
We know that IQ Option is a complete trading platform that deals with providing its participants with a range of options, and even though it started as binary options broker can offer these users more choices now. Among which we have:

Cryptocurrencies: in this case, users can exchange around 12 cryptocurrencies (the main ones in the market), among which are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Zcash, and Ethereum.

CFD on shares: this broker will allow each of its users to exchange CFDs on shares of more than 7400 different companies, in which you can find very famous companies such as NYSE.

Forex: Forex trading is one of the most popular trades and therefore, IQ options do not lose the opportunity to say present in that market. That's why it provides more than 180 currency pairs that allow its users to trade their favorite foreign currencies safely and easily.

ETF: this type of trade is quite new, but it is starting to have its public, so IQ decided not to be left behind and can be marketed in the same way as common shares and each user can decide to work with more than 4200 different ETFs.

Options: in this case, each user can feel free to speculate on the price of different assets, commodities, currencies, and stocks.
Trading platforms
iq option trading platform binary app iq option download sign in  binary options iq broker option live
The IQ option operations platform provides the user with a very attractive and aesthetic interface that is available in web-based formats.

In addition, as stated above, this broker uses its own trading platform.

In December 2015, they released an updated version of their commercial platform, called the IQ Option 4.0 platform. With this update they managed to guarantee a better commercial experience for their operators, moving them away from scam brokers.

In its commercial platform update, some new technical indicators are included; we have the example of the Impressive Oscillator, the Stochastic Oscillator, and the MACD.

With these additions, the user is helped to improve the market analysis carried out by the users of the platform.

The live charts presented on the platform are incredible and aesthetic; you can trade directly from them.

And up to 9 live charts can be displayed at the same time.

At the same time, it offers an overview of open positions and a section of Operations History. For more convenience for the user and the IQ option strategy it was added the chat section and blogs were included, as well as video tutorials and tips on the internal functioning of the platform.
IQ option App (mobile Trading platform)
As technology advances, everything must move forward with it, so IQ option decided to create its IQ option app, which is perfect for operators who need to be in motion.

This application can be found in the Google play store and the Apple App Store.

By downloading and using the IQ option app, more flexibility is acquired with respect to mobile commerce options; its interface is clean and intuitive, as well as easy to use.

You should not be afraid of losing anything since most of the graphics present on the desktop platform will be found in this mobile app.

It also provides the user with automatic notifications and can also establish key negotiation levels that can generate alerts at any time in the future if these levels are not met.
IQ Option App Mobile Binary Options Trading Platform
IQ Option Account Types
Standard Account: The Standard account is an account that only requires a minimum deposit of $ 10 and also there are no restrictions in the negotiation functionality. With the standard account, you can access more than 70 assets and the users of the account can withdraw their assets every 24hrs and at the same time they can participate in the weekly IQ Option tournaments.

VIP Account: This is the most expensive account, and your minimum deposit is $ 3000. This account brings the user a personal administrator which will help him with his IQ option strategy. It also includes a monthly report on the business records of the user, this is done by analysts of the platform. And most importantly, it provides the user with 3% extra payment.

Demo Account: This account, like all demo accounts, is a free demo. The account gives the user $ 10,000 in virtual funds and can be used as long as he wants. This places IQ option very high in the broker's cache, by not setting a time limit to use it, you just have to register, filling out the form and sending it to IQ Option. 
Trading tools
trading tools iq option binary app iq option download sign in  binary options iq broker option live
In this IQ Option review, it is necessary to point out your trading tools.

This platform provide its clients with a section of certain economic news of interest, in order to highlight trading opportunities.

It also has a customer service, which works via email and chat.
IQ Option Deposits & Withdrawals Options
To make deposits in IQ Option you can pay with several methods, e Wallets, bank transfers, and credit cards.

You can use Neteller, Visa, Skrill, etc.

On the other hand, to make withdrawals, you can do the same and the good thing is that in IQ option there is no limit for withdrawals.

To make the first deposit, you must go through a necessary verification process, in which you must register your cell phone and add business experience, in addition to adding a photo ID. But it is also necessary to take into account that depending on the country different requirements can be requested.
Is IQ option A scam?
After trading with IQ Option for a long time without any complaints whatsoever I did some thorough investigation reviewing comments online to give an unbiased review.

There were some complaints from people who claimed that IQ options were a scam.  The problems they presented were common, such as the suspension of accounts. But, mostly, positive comments were found in favor of the broker, making the people who had problems with IQ option, a minority. 

The answer; IQ option is not a scam because it is legal and regulated and used by millions.
IQ Option offers services to more than 170 countries; its platform is simple and secure, as well as adapting to stocks, Forex, cryptocurrencies, and binary options.  
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