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The Simple Forex Trading Strategy That Works
See the easy step by step process I followed to make a $3,320 profit trading USDJPY. This is one of my favorite chart patterns and when used correctly together with the tips and strategies in this video, it can help you become a better trader and build your best forex trading strategy 2019. 

Mastering price action trading strategies is the fastest and most effective way to become a profitable and successful forex trader. Price action trading strategies will definitely change the way you trade. It doesn't take a genius. My simple forex strategy in this video tutorial is an easy way to start profiting from forex.
Here's What We Cover:
1. How you can trade huge price drops.

2. The powerful reversal strategy to pick bottoms.

3. Price action chart pattern that work really good.

4. Confluence trading to find entry and exit points.

5. Placing accurate entry, stop loss and take profit orders.

6. Time frame analysis to confirm the trade.

7. One more simple entry strategy.
Resources Mentioned In Video:
1. Candlestick Profits - This straight to the point ebook gives you a powerful price action trading system to easily identify the best entry and exit points and reveals among many strategies the bottom picking strategy I talk about in the video tutorial above. Get your copy of this ebook here. 

2. The Fibonacci Cheat Sheet - This FREE cheat sheet shows you how to trade Fibonacci retracement and extension levels, enter trades, take profit, and make your first profit from trading using the 50% strategy I talk about in the video. Download your free copy here.

To your success!
Johan Nordstrom
Johan Nordstrom and the team at
Candlestick Profits
Candlestick Profits
Get powerful candlestick strategies, techniques and patterns to quickly identify market tops and bottoms.
Candlestick Profits Ebook
How to quickly identify market tops and bottoms.
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