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Support and Resistance Forex Trading Strategies
Forex support and resistance is very important, so in this tutorial, you'll learn exactly how to find true levels of support and resistance in trading to get high-probability trade setups using strategies that work.

The absolute best way to trade support and resistance in trading is to find levels most people don't see. Because unlike other people who say levels need to be tested many times, the technical analysis secret most "trading gurus" will never tell you is that a level loses its strength after two tests and after the third test are very likely to break. 

This information allows you to know in advance where to place your stops and where to place your profit targets should the support or resistance level hold and prices reverse. Watch the video and discover how to draw support and resistance correctly and tell when to trade the reversal or the breakout using the pennant chart pattern and the Fibonacci 50% level strategies I talk about in the video.

Remember that price doesn't turn on a dime or to the pip but instead you should consider levels of support and resistance as "zones".
What We Cover In This Video:
1. The "drop-fill" strategy to predict price action.

2. The ABC price action strategy.

3. How to trade the strongest Fibonacci level.

4. How to draw support and resistance correctly.

5. Identify and use the "hidden" pennant support and resistance level.

6. How to remove the emotional side of trading.
Resources Mentioned In Video:
1. Trend Pulse Pro - This trading system will simplify your trading by giving you daily trading signals you can use to get well ahead of the average trader. Trend Pulse Pro's accurate buy and sell signals will help you remove the emotional side of trading and trade successfully. Get your lifetime access here.

2. The Strategy Guide - This free price action strategy gives you the ABC strategy, key trading rules and simple steps to help you get started with trading. Download your free copy here. 

3. The Fibonacci Cheat Sheet - This free cheat sheet shows you how to trade the Fibonacci retracement and extension levels, enter trades, take profit, and upgrade your trading. Download your free copy here. 

To your success!
Johan Nordstrom
Johan Nordstrom & the team at Trading Walk
Simplify Your Trading
& Make Smarter Trades
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