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What Students Say About Trading Walk
Testimonials and reviews straight from our students. 
"I love how simple, yet effective it is. The explanation is very good and clear! The guide is very nice and simple and I love that. Cause most guides and strategies tend to be very hyped up and with a lot of misleading material, but this is straight to the point."
David L
"Many thanks for the candlestick profits training, I love it."
David L
"Well written and seriously compounded books on the building blocks on how to become successful. Every trader’s fear is to lose confidence, these books reminded me of the important keys to success in trading. The books offer a range of tips where I could choose the ones that fit my needs! They are also straight to the point and easygoing, love them!"
Joakim N
"Very good strategy guide, it has helped me tremendously."
Rich W
"Thank you so much for all of your replies to my emails. It’s almost 3am here an I keep going over your course. It has given me a lot of confidence into starting a career in day trading. I couldn’t thank you enough."
Richard P
"The free strategy guide is of the chains, I’m doing better than ever!"
Elias M
"Hello Johan, Just wanted to let you know that your candlestick training is 100% amazing. Very easy to use with so much meaningful information. I have learned so much more in the last days than I have learned in a year studying so much other stuff on the same subject matter, so to speak. It is very practical they way you presented it. I am now back testing the three strategies and so far everything is as you said. I am gaining so much confidence just doing this backtesting and understanding the power of candlestick charts."
Rober A
"Hey Johan! Just wanted to thank you for your free strategy guide. I found it very useful."
Elliot B
"Have read two of your books and must say that they are amazing! So simple and precise explained. I have followed you on both Twitter and Instagram for a while. I read the content on the website regularly and love the articles, please keep it up!"
Jonas P
"Hello Johan! Loved your strategy guide, got some much-needed information thanks!"
Marcus L
"Thanks! It’s great!"
Conrado C
"Great knowledge and awesome trading strategy."
Adam L
"You are selling your books far below what they are worth. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!"
Valid S
"I like how it stressed the importance of developing a trading plan, as well as the detailed strategy. The risk management section also offered insight."
Cameron W
"Great content, I enjoyed reading them. All were very well written and useful. I am sure all traders will find them very useful."
Lewis G
"It is the best strategy I have ever read. Thank you!"
Sam M
"I definitely have my copy of this guide. I try to read it at least every other day when I know I plan on making trades those days."
Demitrious M
"I read your strategy guide and now implementing your strategy. I now have one trade going, and at this point giving me huge profits. I like the simplicity of it."
Peter B
"Many thanks for the strategy. I love it."
Norman C
"They are very good. Put together professionally."
Steve T
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Copyright © Trading Walk. All Rights Reserved.