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Technical Analysis For Intraday Trading
Want some strategies on how to use technical analysis for intraday trading?

Here's how you can use the winning trading strategy to increase your trading edge and profitability when you trade intraday charts.

It's important you understand that almost all traders can and know the basics of technical analysis; therefore, it will not give you any great edge in the markets.

Let me explain, there's no holy grail out there and no trading strategy will always work, and you will not earn money to simply take a trade when the MACD crosses or stochastic is oversold.

What I do, and what you want to do, is learn how to read price (the relationship between buyers and sellers) to become a better technical analysis trader.

Using a candlestick chart is the first step you should master, then, take advantage of these technical analysis strategies...
Here is a truth for you, all winning trading strategies are based out of price action because that is what works. To keep it simple, you can use at these 3 strategies...
  • Resistance and support levels (also known as supply and demand zones)
  •  Volatility (Bollinger bands is a great technical analysis indicator used to measure volatility)
  •  Symmetry (Fibonacci retracement and extension levels  is a great indicator to measure symmetry)
When you start using these 3 strategies you'll start trading price action like a pro. 
Support and resistance
These charts are from the best free charting software today.

Support and resistance levels and zones or whatever you want to call them are essential in trading.

The importance of levels is huge because of major banks, institutions algorithms trade at a specific price level that creates turning points that make them key levels where you can enter and exit your trades.
Support and resistance
What is volatility? In simple words, you can say that volatility is a measure of how large the price moves are.

The higher the volatility, the "riskier" the trading.

When the market shift from low to high volatility is often where the best trading opportunities appear...

For example, when price spikes into a level late in trends you often see a trend reversal.

And when price spike out of a level after low volatility period is often combined with a breakout type of technical pattern.
Support and resistance
Symmetry is something you can use to find levels where the market probably will pause or reverse.

Price will often have similar swings and you can use that as a good trading strategy.

Symmetry is so powerful and beautiful. You will see that in the video too.
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